Reader offer: The Digital Critic

by Review 31

Publisher O/R Books is offering Review 31 readers a discount on pre-orders of The Digital Critic: Literary Culture Online, edited by Houman Barekat, Robert Barry and David Winters. The book, which will be published in December 2017, is a collection of 17 essays exploring the impact of the digital revolution on many aspects of literary life, from criticism to fiction-writing, from translation to book distribution and PR. Contributors include Joanna Walsh, Scott Esposito, Jonathon Sturgeon and Lauren Elkin, as well as several editors from Review 31 and other online journals such as Asymptote and Berfrois.

The book is available to pre-order via the O/R Books website. Review 31 readers can obtain a 20% discount by keying in the code 'Digital Critic' when making their purchase online.

Here is the book's table of contents in full:

Foreword by Kasia Boddy

Scott Esposito, 'The Upside to Being an Avatar: Critical Communities on the Web'

Jonathon Sturgeon, 'The Oeuvre is the Soul: Confessions of a 21st-Century Hack'

Will Self, 'Isolation, Solitude, Loneliness and the Composition of Long-Form Fiction'

Luke Neima, 'Fragmentation and Aggregation: The Future of Criticism?'

Lauren Elkin, 'The Digital Critic as Public Critic: Open-Source Journals, Paywalls, and the Nature of Criticism'

Robert Barry, 'A Media Of One's Own: The Future of Criticism, in Retrospect'

Joanna Walsh, 'Book Lovers: Literary Necrophilia in the 21st Century'

Louis Bury, 'Topical Criticism and the Cultural Logic of the Quick Take'

Ellen Jones, 'Digital Palimpsesting: Literary Translation Online'

Anna Kiernan, 'Futurebook Critics and Cultural Curators in a Socially Networked Age'

Michael Bhaskar, 'Criticism as Publishing: What Happens When Texts Are Everywhere and Filters Break Down'

Marc Farrant, 'Theory Online: A New Critical Commons?'

Laura Waddell, 'Digital Currency'

Theadora Hawlin, 'The Re-Birth of the Author'

Sara Veale, 'Economics, Exposure, and Ethics in the Digital Age'

Orit Gat, 'The Essay and the Internet'

Russell Bennetts, 'Distracted to Attention: On Digital Reading'