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Review 31 publishes intelligent, nuanced reviews of the most important critical, academic and literary writing, as it is published. Our contributors are a diverse mix of accomplished intellectuals - journalists, writers and academics - and we supplement our reviews with interviews of figures in politics, philosophy and literature, and essays by leading academics and journalists.

Though our coverage is focused on titles published by independent and academic publishers, we will cover everything of merit. Our principal areas of interest are politics, current affairs, history, art & culture, fiction and poetry.


Editor-in-chief: Houman Barekat

Deputy editor: Luke Neima

Senior editors: Marc Farrant (philosophy & theory), Hannah Rosefield (social history, politics & current affairs), Robert Barry (technology & digital culture), David Anderson (literary criticism)

Fiction reviews editor: Sara Veale

Poetry editor: Sam Buchan-Watts

Assistant editor: Hilary Ilkay

Web editor: Theo Graham-Brown

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